Mommy Makeover

This 35 year old patient from Riverside County was interested in plastic surgery to help her achieve her goals after having her kids.  She had 7 pregnancies and was ready for her mommy makeover!


She had previously had a tummy tuck procedure by a different surgeon and this time was looking to have her breasts “lifted” and more perky as well as breast implants (for more fullness) and a revision on the previous tummy tuck to improve her body contour.  After having her children and nursing them, she felt that her breasts were “empty” and “droopy” and she didn’t like that.


After meeting Dr. Pousti, she decided that he was the plastic surgeon who would perform her procedure.  She was impressed by his experience with abdominal surgery for her revisionary tummy tuck surgery as well as his experience with breast augmentation / breast lifting (mastopexy).


The morning of surgery, Dr. Pousti measures everything out and discusses all of the procedures with the patient in detail one more time.  The patient and Dr. Pousti decide that the patient would benefit from an extended tummy tuck (going into the back to improve the contour).


The markings show what areas will be removed to help with the trouble “muffin top” area that the patient wanted to remove.


The patient is sat up several times during the breast portion of the procedure so that adjustments can be made in regards to size, symmetry and pocket dissection. Dr. Pousti does his best to achieve as much symmetry as possible as well as achieving the patient’s goals.



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