Mommy Makeover

This 35 year old mom from San Diego, California was interested in the mommy makeover procedure. The mommy makeover consists of abdominoplasty, liposuction and breast surgery. Upon examination Dr. Pousti explained to the patient that she was an excellent candidate for a  ‘2-stage’ breast procedure. During a 2-stage breast surgery the mastopexy is performed during the first surgery, then once the patient has healed from the breast lift the breast augmentation is performed.



Measurements and markings are performed prior to surgery and the breast lifting procedure is discussed with the patient in detail.


The mastopexy involves rearranging the breast tissue, shifting the nipple position and increasing the breast firmness by tightening the skin. The red ‘x’ indicate the new location or the nipple/areola.


After the first portion of the ‘mommy makeover‘ procedure was performed Dr. Pousti moved on to the liposuction of the patient’s back and flanks. Dr. Pousti uses the traditional tumescent liposuction and incisions are generally only about  a quarter of an inch in length and are easily hidden.


950mL of fat was removed during the liposuction portion of the procedure.


During the measurements and markings of the abdominoplasty surgery Dr. Pousti explained to the patient that during the tummy tuck not only is the excess skin removed but he does muscle repair as well.

DSC07814In the picture below you can see the bottom portion of the muscle repair has already been performed and above the belly button the muscles are still damaged. Muscle damage can be caused by pregnancy or weight gain/loss.


Following muscle repair, the patient’s excess skin is removed.


Immediately After breast lift, abdominoplasty and liposuction of the back and flanks


3 months after the patient’s initial surgery she met with Dr. Pousti in the operating room again for the 2nd stage of her procedure, the breast augmentation.


In order to give this patient her desired look Dr. Pousti used saline implants. The implants were placed under the muscle and through the same incision made during the breast lift.


Immediately after Breast Augmentaiton

The patient is extremely happy with her new body.

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