Mommy Makeover

This 30-year old patient from Ontario, Canada wanted a “mommy makeover.” After losing all of her post-baby weight, she felt that she would benefit from a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation and nipple reduction surgery. The patient searched for a board certified plastic surgeon and found Dr. Pousti online. She was very impressed with how informative his website was and by all of the before and after photos of mommy’s who experienced the same procedures she wanted.

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After extensive research and several consultations with the Doctor via email and telephone, the patient decided to fly into San Diego for her surgery.

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As soon as the patient landed into San Diego, she met with Dr. Pousti in his La Mesa office to meet with him to discuss everything in detail. markings were also performed to ensure accurate and precise measurements for surgery.

O.R. 3.8.10 044

The morning of surgery, markings are reviewed in the operating room.

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Dr. Pousti placed 339cc silicone-gel breast implants under the muscle to achieve a natural look and proportionate look.

O.R. 3.8.10 050

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Specific and exact measurements are made to reduce the projection and diameter of the nipple.

O.R. 3.8.10 056

Notice the difference between the right nipple reduction completed and the appearance of the protrusion of the left nipple.

O.R. 3.8.10 063

A tummy tuck involves tightening of the rectus muscles and removal of the loose excess skin which was stretched from pregnancy. The incision is placed low  enough so that it is hidden underneath underwear or bikini bottoms.

The patient is 3-weeks post-op surgery and is very pleased with the results of her mommy makeover. The patient follow’s up with the Doctor via email and telphone. She is recovering with no problems and is very happy at this point in time.


After 3-weeks






After Before


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