Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery

This 40 year old patient from Yuma, Arizona was interested in plastic surgery after 3 pregnancies. She was interested in getting her pre-pregnancy body back and after doing research found information on mommy makeovers.  After seeing Dr. Pousti’s experience with mommy makeovers she decided to travel to San Diego to have him perform her procedure.



The mommy makeover usually consists of a breast procedure and tummy tuck. In this patient’s case she was interested in breast reduction, abdominoplasty and liposuction.


In order to achieve the best results measurements and markings are done prior to surgery. Dr. Pousti also explains the abdominoplasty surgery as well as the breast surgery in detail so that the patient has ample time to get all her questions answered.


During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles can be damaged, during the tummy tuck Dr. Pousti removes the excess skin and performs muscle repair.


This patient was a good candidate for an extended tummy tuck. During the extended tummy tuck the incision is brought back around the back to raise the buttocks and remove excess skin. She also had liposuction of her back and flank areas.


During the tummy tuck Dr. Pousti uses internal sutures to perform the muscle repair.


During the breast reduction procedure Dr. Pousti will be moving the nipple areola complex up to a more symmetric location on the chest wall. The ‘x’ indicates where the complex will be moved to.


After one breast is completed Dr. Pousti places the patient in a sitting position to make sure no adjustments are needed.


Immediately After


The patient is extremely happy with her new results.

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