Breast Lifting Surgery

This 34 year old female from San Diego, California was unhappy with the amount of breast volume she lost after  3 pregnancies and was interested  in breast enhancement surgery. To give this patient the best result Dr. Pousti performed a breast lift as well.

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During the mastopexy the nipple areola complex are raised to a more symmetrical location on the breast. Before this is performed markings and measurements are taken to make sure that symmetry is achieved.

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After the breast tissues is re-arranged and the areola is in the correct location sizers are set in place to determine the breast implant size needed to give the patient her desired look.

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When the sizer is in place the patient is placed in an upright position so that her breast can be examined to see if any adjustments are needed.

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To give this patient her desired size a 575cc saline implant overfilled to 625cc was used in the patient’s left breast and a 575cc saline implant was overfilled to 625cc and placed in her right breast.

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Immediately After Surgery

The patient is very happy with her initial results.

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