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Tummy Tuck After Children

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

This 40 year old patient from San Diego, California was interested in a tummy tuck surgery. After two pregnancies, the patient noticed her abdominal wall was separated and it was not meeting her standards. The patient began researching plastic/cosmetic surgery blogs and found several of Dr. Pousti’s patients’ blog entries. After reading how impressed they all were with both Dr. Pousti and their surgical results, she decided to meet with Dr. Pousti. The patient met with several cosmetic surgeons, but felt that none of them compared to Dr. Pousti.


During her consultation, Dr. Pousti listened to the patient express her goals and took the time to go over the entire procedure from surgery to recovery in detail. She also had the opportunity to meet with other patients who had undergone the abdominoplasty surgery to hear about their experience first hand. The patient was ready to proceed to the operating room for her abdominoplasty procedure.


Markings were performed the night prior to surgery. The morning of surgery, Dr. Pousti will reinforce markings and discuss the procedure with the patient again. Measurements are taken to ensure as much symmetry as possible is met.


Following multiple pregnancies, the abdominal muscles have separated and the abdominal skin becomes loose/ damaged. Below, in the operating room, the clamps are showing the separated abdominal muscles that will be brought together and sutured to create a flat surface during the tummy tuck surgery.


Diet and exercise alone are not capable to retract the muscles, so repairing the muscles surgically is the only solution for a “tight tummy” and smaller waistline.


Following the muscle repair, the excess abdominal skin is removed and the previous incisions are then sutured together. During this process, a new belly button is also made. Immediately after the procedure, the patient’s waistline is significantly smaller and the stomach is completely flat.


The patient is very satisfied with her results and new waistline!

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lifting

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

This 24 year old mother from San Diego, California had been interested in a breast augmentation and breast lift. She felt her breasts decreased in size and were much saggier after having children. The patient searched for a board certified plastic surgeon and found Dr. Pousti’s, who is double board certified. She felt his website showed his expertise in breast augmentation with a breast lift.

San Diego Breast Augmentation

During the patient’s consultation, she able to meet with post-op patients of Dr. Pousti’s that underwent the same surgery. After talking with the patients, she decided to schedule surgery.

San Diego Breast Augmentation

Dr. Pousti and the patient discussed the risks and complications associated with the combination of breast implants and breast lifting surgeries . Measurements were taking and markings were made to indicate where incisions would be, the shape of the breasts, and the size/fullness.

San Diego Breast Augmentation

The morning of surgery, Dr. Pousti and the patient will discuss the surgery in detail again. Markings will also be reinforced and remeasured.

San Diego Breast Augmentation

Dr. Pousti used Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline Implants filled to 700cc on each breast with a lollipop lift to achieve fuller breasts with some cleavage and roundness.

San Diego Breast Augmentation

The patient is now 2 months post op and is very satisfied with her breast augmentation and mastopexy results.

Patient Testimonial:

I have to start out by saying that surgery, in general, is one of the top 3 scariest things in my book. Whether it’s elective surgery or emergency surgery, surgery is surgery and it’s a scary thought. I am a 20 something Mother of 3 kids and after going through pregnancy 3 times, it REALLY takes a toll on your body and your mind. NOTHING is the same as it was before and no matter how much exercise or how many diet plans you try out, you come to the realization that the only alternative is plastic surgery. Looking in the mirror everyday really killed me inside and it really took a toll on my self confidence. That low self confidence then started to play into my marriage to the point where I wouldn’t even feel comfortable in front of my husband (though I must say, he ALWAYS said I was still perfect).

I elected to look into plastic surgery to get an idea of what types were out there and what surgery would be best for me. I decided that the thing I wanted most (and that there were NO diets/exercise to “get back”) were my breasts. I felt that being a full C cup BEFORE children and now dealing with a very saggy B cup (I compare myself to a cow’s utters….honestly) was the problem for me. Mentally, I looked at it from this point of view….I have given my body up to bear 3 children and have given my 3 kids everything that a Mother can give. I have stood beside my Active Duty husband for the past 5 years as he deployed out many times for long periods of time. I have given everything a person can give and don’t regret a single thing that I have been through. In the end, and now that we have decided that we are done having kids and are focusing on raising our kids, I wanted to do something for myself. It was TIME for me to feel like a woman again.

Searching the internet for Plastic Surgeons was a very time consuming thing. I would spend every night on the computer searching and reviewing Doctors and their credentials. I would bookmark pages and pages of possible surgeons and look through hundreds of pictures of their work. When I finally felt that I had viewed all the surgeons that were out there I then started to look into their particular background, schooling, credentials, awards, malpractice lawsuits, experience, and LOADS of other ‘must haves”. I narrowed it down to just a few Doctors and then intensively looked into each other their reviews and end result pictures. I needed to see pictures of women who have the SAME issue as I am dealing with. I needed a woman who was my weight and height and a starting result with an ending result that fit me. I finally got the hit I needed and it was 1000% POSITIVE that the Doctor I wanted to meet was Dr. Pousti. I was SO excited at this point. I made an appointment and counted down the days to meet the person I was looking for this whole time.

Speeding things up a bit (going to TRY to make this short and sweet). I walked into the office and was warmly welcomed. The staff that worked with Dr. Pousti were extremely nice and professional and were happy to answer ANY crazy questions I had. I was examined by the Doctor and he told me that he’s not shy about turning people away if he feels that they are not the perfect candidate. He also said that if what I wanted was NOT practical and was something that he knew (from experience) would NOT be the best for me, he would be very honest and open about it. Having a family full of medical professionals, I know that this type of conversation was a very truthful trusting one. Dr. Pousti promised (and how many Doctors would actually use that word, now a days) that if I put my trust in him, he would make me proud. That was it! I knew in my bones that THIS was the person that I would, ultimately, put my life into the hands of. The rest of the appointment put me at ease and with the staff showing me pictures, answering my questions, giving me REAL input, seeing real life breast augmentations on some of the women there, and even speaking with other patients who were there for their follow-up appointments (who had just had my procedure done)…I was ready to go through with all this.

I was scheduled for my surgery about a month later and the initial leading up to the surgery was a scary one. I had never been put under nor had a surgery done. I was scared. VERY scared! The staff called a few times to make sure I was ok and to answer any questions before hand and to calm me down and talk me through everything. I also received a personal call from Dr. Pousti (which I missed but he left on my answering machine) telling me that I am in great hands and he promises (again) to be there for me the entire way and will hold my hand going through it all. He left his phone number and told me not to hesitate calling for any reason. I said a few prayers and ultimately left it up to God and the Doctor. A calmness rushed through me and I was instantly put at ease. I PROMISE YOU, that’s the TRUTH. I slept like a baby the night before surgery, which is funny because I didn’t sleep a single night through during the previous month. I went to the surgical center on my elected day and had the BEST surgical team I could have wished for. They were funny, and sensitive, and legitimately cared about me. I knew I was in great hands.

I had a breast lift with augmentation and am more than happy with the results. I could not have expected anything better than perfect and Dr. Pousti delivered just that and more. I am currently 3 weeks post op and I am beyond amazed at what I look like. I feel like I am a new me. Things could not be better. During my recovery, Dr Pousti’s staff would call daily to check up on me and answer questions and walk me through anything that I needed help on. They really made this experience the best it could be. I have been to 3 follow up appointments and everything is going the way it should. No issues what so ever. Dr. Pousti sees me at every appointment and takes the time to give me the one on one time I need to go over anything and everything that is happening. The staff is always so friendly and helpful and overall I feel they go above and beyond for me. I would do it all over again in a heart beat and this is coming from a person who wanted to go into surgery blindly (not know ANYTHING that was going to happen or be done) because I was that nervous about the entire idea of what I was planning to do. Dr. Pousti is the best of the best and to have something that is life changing left in the hands of 1 human being…that takes trust and compassion and that’s exactly what Dr. Pousti is all about. I would suggest ANYONE to visit Dr. Pousti and his staff and have the experience of your new life.

Thank you card from a happy patient of Dr. Pousti

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

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Tummy Tuck Testimonial

Monday, December 12th, 2011


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Tummy Tuck Testimonial

Monday, December 5th, 2011

December 4, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation from Debbie for Dr. Pousti. I had been contemplating having abdominoplasty for the past ten years. I had seen several plastic surgeons and did not feel comfortable with any of the choices. As the years grew by, so did my stomach. I am a compulsive exerciser and no amount of sit-ups could rid me of the excess skin and fat. I got to the point where I couldn’t stand the sight of the spare tire that was on my waistline, so I started searching on the Internet for a new plastic surgeon. I came upon Dr. Pousti’s website and was amazed at the photographs of his previous patients and the results that had been accomplished.

Then I decided to compared other surgeons websites and compare results, viewing many hundreds of photos. None could compare to the talented work of Dr. Tom Pousti. So I picked up the phone and called to make an appointment for a consultation. I went in and immediately fell in love with Dr. Pousti and his wonderful girls on his staff. His personality exuded confidence, professionalism and was very reassuring that I would receive results that would be beyond my expectations.

He was very upfront with what the procedure would entail. I was able to meet and see first hand other patients that had  had the abdominoplasty done. I learned that the procedure wouldn’t be a walk in the park, but I was reassured that it was worth the results that would be gained.

I was very nervous the morning of the surgery. Once I arrived and met with Dr. Pousti and his hospital staff, I became reassured again that all would go well. After the surgery, I had Reliable Recovery, whom Dr. Pousti recommended, come and pick me up and take me to stay the initial three days at the local Holiday Inn. I would recommend this to all who are considering the procedure to use Reliable Recovery, as they made those first days so comforting. I was well taken care of. Dr. Pousti even came to my room to check on me! An awesome personal touch.

During the months of recovery, Dr. Pousti and his staff were always available for any and all concerns and questions that I might have had, no matter how many times I called, thinking I was a bother! He and his staff were always very kind and reassuring that all would be well.

It has been a little over 5 months and my amazement of the results grows everyday. My worst fear was that my belly button would look weird, but it is a thing of beauty and is my favorite part of the results. I can now wear a bikini with full confidence. I can sit on the beach and not worry about looking down at that tire and instead my stomach looks as flat as my days before my first pregnancy. I am 56 years old and my husband says I have the body of a 30 year old. Thank you Dr. Pousti!

Besides being a skilled surgeon (he really is an artist with a scalpel), he is a truly wonderful and sweet man whom I’ve grown to appreciated and respect. The thing the really impresses me about Dr. Pousti is the fact that his heart is truly dedicated to the work of making people feel better about themselves through the procedures he performs. Truly an amazing and awesome surgeon. And his staff was just as awesome and made the experience quite extraordinary just because they were truly concerned and caring, and very sweet. I would recommend highly Dr. Pousti to anyone who is considering a abdominoplasty and any other plastic surgery for that matter.