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Mommy Makeover Testimonial

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

After having my third and final child, I vowed to regain my pre-pregnancy body.  Little did I know that nature had taken a toll on my body that even diet and exercise could not turn back the clock entirely.  After years of diligently working out (running & strength training), I still had excess skin that just hung out of everything.  Not only did losing weight (body fat) leave me with a tire around the middle, but now my breasts resembled udders.

When my youngest was three; I couldn’t shake the idea that a tummy tuck would be the best alternative and alleviate all of the gloomy talk inside my head. I began researching online about the various procedures, recovery, prices, how to pick a doctor, what to look for, and pre/post operation pictures.  But then I felt overwhelmed… in way over my head and I let it go.  But every time I showered, got dressed or wanted to wear something my mind was plagued by the negative thoughts about the excess skin drooping all over.

Six months went by and I decided enough was enough; I could go consult with three doctors and then think about what I experienced and heard.  The consultations were free and I did not need to make a decision on the spot. I booked three appointments within a two-week period, with three different plastic surgeons in the Temecula/Murrieta area.  I liked the first doctor, but felt uncomfortable naked in his presence. The second doctor was an egomaniac, which left me wanting to run out ASAP.  After seeing an office worker’s scar incision, I actually considered not having a tummy tuck at all.

My final appointment was the Monday after my Friday nightmare appointment, I even considered canceling.  I am so thankful I changed my mind; for that is the day I met my surgeon Dr. Pousti.  From the moment I arrived in his Murrieta office I felt at home, with the inviting scented candles burning, the sounds of a gentle waterfall mixed with instrumental music lingering about the office. The warm smiles of the office staff confirmed for me that I was in the right place.

I am not going to say I wasn’t still nervous or I’d be lying.  But, my first appointment was completely different than the other two appointments in the respect that I went into a large room with leather couches and watched an informative video about Dr. Pousti’s purpose and practice.  Then he came in and talked with me about my reasons for being there and any questions I might have.  He easily calmed my nerves with his gentle, calm demeanor.

Dr. Pousti was the only surgeon who told me that he doesn’t advertise, because good work—leads to word of mouth and that is the best advertising.  He also shared with me that he actually turns away 50% of the people that come to him, as their reasons are for other people, etc… Dr. Pousti encouraged me to be at my desired weight before having any procedure, as it would ensure fantastic results versus great.  I explained I was having a difficult time dropping the last 15lbs and he suggested trying Medifast.  I was never pressured or even haunted with follow up phone calls asking me to make a decision (which other offices had).

I found his morals, ethics and values well substantiated, so I started Medifast to drop those final 15lbs.  Medifast was simple, quick and I actually lost 20lbs.  I used Medifast for four months and then two months of maintenance.  While using Medifast I would drop emails to Margie, who was always extremely helpful, understanding and swift in responding. Six months from my first appointment, I scheduled a follow-up to show Dr. Pousti that I lost the weight.  He was so impressed with my tenacity and effort.

From there it was just figuring out when I could schedule in the needed recovery time (4-6 weeks, is a long time).  I was finishing my Master’s, I have three children in numerous activities and I was working.  I secured extra help from my mom for two weeks, which was a lifesaver!  Each time I would make a tentative date in my mind, something would come up. Finally I told myself there will always be things that come up; it was time to just secure a date and everything else would have to work around it.

The moment I picked the date, everything came up…but I stuck to my guns and politely declined each event.  Two weeks before surgery I met with Dr. Pousti to get prescriptions, discuss the operation in depth, post-op recovery, what to expect and any questions or concerns.  This was one of my most favorite appointments, as I could feel it was all really going to happen for me.  I was so excited.  The Wednesday before my surgery (Friday), I met with Dr. Pousti and together we sketched out where incisions would be made, where liposuction would occur, what my expectations were and what music I wanted played while in surgery.

My surgery day is still vivid; yet short in my memory, as much of it I was asleep.  The surgery center and staff are an extension of Dr. Pousti in kindness, gentility and professionalism.  I experienced very little wait time at the surgery center and was well informed by the anesthesiologist. It was as simple as holding Dr. Pousti’s hand and falling into a deep sleep.  Moments later, I awoke…the operation was over and I felt just a bit groggy and nauseous. After I got home, I made it up two flights of stairs, got in bed and slept.  Every few hours I had to awaken for exercise, or meds, or drains, or something; but I just rolled with the punches.  The medication really made the entire experience very comfortable.

Post surgery office visits (3 days, 1 week, 2 week, 3 week, 4 week, and 2nd month) were always managed in a timely sequence with loads of friendly smiles and genuine concern (Thanks Daisy and Vanessa).  I did have a few bumps along the way with my own personal healing, but it was addressed and taken care of with the utmost care and concern.  I am now 100% healed and 200% satisfied with my results.  Dr. Pousti says that the final results I won’t even see for another few months… So I guess I will be absolutely blown away…just as I have been from the wonderful experience at Pousti Plastic Surgery!

Kudos to you all

Abdominal Surgery and Breast Revision After Massive Weightloss

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

This 30 year old patient from Texas was interested in Body Contouring Surgery after having gastric bypass surgery, resulting in a loss of 80lbs. The massive weight loss left her with excessive abdominal skin. She was also interested in revisionary breast surgery, to achieve an extra large, overfilled implant.


Although the patient is from Texas, after doing numerous researches online, she felt Dr. Pousti was the most experienced and a trip to California to have her surgery done by him would be well worth it.


The patient flew in for surgery, and Dr. Pousti was able to explain the revisionary breast procedure and extended tummy tuck surgery to the patient in detail, including the potential risks and complications associated with these procedures and overfilling implants. The patient felt the risks would outweigh the benefits and proceeded with surgery.


Measurements and markings were done prior to surgery and then reinforced the morning of surgery allowing for any adjustments to be made.


The patients abdominal muscles were sutured together, repairing the abdominal wall separation. Then the extra skin was removed, a new belly button was made, and the skin was sutured together, resulting in a smooth and flat stomach. Her revisionary breast procedure included overfilling saline implants to give the patient the extra large breast augmentation she wanted.


Once healed enough to travel, the patient returned back to Texas and is able to keep in touch through emails and telephone calls. She is now one month post operative and is very satisfied with her results.

Extended Abdominoplasty After Children

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

This 34 year old mother from San Diego, California was interested in abdominal surgery. The patient was bothered by her abdominal wall separation as well as the extra/loose skin that remained after having two children.

San Diego Tummy Tuck Surgery

Before the mommy makeover procedure is performed, Dr. Pousti explains the procedure in detail and answers any questions the patient may have. The markings of the exact incision are then done and the patient proceeds to the operating room.

San Diego Abdominoplasty

During the mommy makeover, and abdominoplasty procedure the abdominal muscles are repaired with internal suturing. As you can see the patient has severe muscle laxity.

Mommy Makeover

Following the muscle repair, the extra or loose abdominal skin is removed and is then sutured shut and a new belly button is made.

Abdominal Surgery

The patient is extremely happy with the results of her tummy tuck procedure and loves her new body.

Mommy Makeover

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

First and foremost, let me just say that I have been a patient of Dr Pousti’s since 2005,  recently I have made a decision to solely have him as my one and only plastic surgeon. In the past I made some bad choices  going to a couple different plastic surgeons trying to save a few bucks.  I was literally left devastated  both times until  Dr. Pousti. He is truly a miracle worker!  To make a long story short  Dr Pousti was able to fix both botched  surgery’s. I am more than satisfied with the results, and can honestly say that Dr. Pousti  truly cares about his patients and their outcome. He is an expert and a perfectionist, and I trust him completely.  I have had the following procedures done by Dr Pousti, and never had less than amazing results; Tummy tuck, Labia reduction, Liposuction, and last but not least Eyebrow Lift,   I have family and friends whom I have referred over to Dr Pousti,  all of which are very thankful to have met Dr. Pousti, and love him just as much as I do! Also I can’t express enough gratitude regarding  his staff,  each one  of them are very kind caring & supportive,  they have all meant a great deal to me. I just want to thank you Dr Pousti & staff for everything! You are all amazing!!


Murrieta, CA

Mommy Makeover Patient Testimonial

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

After breastfeeding for a year I had hardly any breast tissue left. I went from a C to barely an A. Getting dressed every morning was awful, I relied on layered shirts to hide the gaps between my flat chest and the 4 inch thick padded push up bras. All summer I avoided bathing suits, the beach, etc. My self esteem was so low. I met with a few surgeons before I met Dr. Pousti and then when I had my first consultation with him I knew my search for a surgeon was over. He was much more experienced than the other doctors I met and his work was much more impressive. Certain things I wanted, the other surgeons said they couldn’t do (such as incisions through my areolas and saline instead of silicon) but Dr. Pousti was confident that it would not be a problem. The day of the surgery I was so nervous but Dr. Pousti and his team (nurses and anesthesiologist) were so great and they really made me comfortable and assured me that everything would be OK. I shut my eyes and woke up with breasts! It was a dream come true. It’s been 1 month since my surgery and I am SO happy!!!! I love my breasts and I feel 100x better… and I am HAPPY and that’s how I know I made the right decision. My goal wasn’t to have large breasts and I made it very clear to Dr. Pousti that I wanted something proportional to my body (I have a smaller frame). I am a perfect C now and that is exactly what I wanted. Dr. Pousti isn’t just a doctor or a plastic surgeon, he is an artist who changed my life and I am so thankful I found him and went through with this procedure. I would also like to add that his office staff is also amazing. They called me almost every day for the first 2 weeks after my surgery to see how I was doing and every time I go to the office for a post-op appointment everyone is so friendly and warm — they are all great.

PS. My husband is also very happy… =)


Murrieta, CA