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Mommy Makeover-Labia Minora Reduction

Monday, June 27th, 2011

After having 2 children, this 43 year old patient from Carlsbad had been uncomfortable with her excess labia minora tissue .  After doing some research online, she found Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Pousti. While searching on his website she found he was experienced in labiaplasty and was very impressed with his work.

3.23.09 006

Markings of the labia minora are performed the morning of the patients surgery to help achieve symmetry. Dr. Pousti expects patients to be on bed rest for about 2-3 after vaginal lip reduction. Patients may go back to their daily routines after a week but with extreme caution. She is very pleased with her results.

Mommy Makeover Tesitmonial-Breast Augmentation

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I’m a physician. I know about breast augmentation from my experience in medical school and I also know about surgeons- I’ve dealt with hundreds and I’m married to one! My experience with Dr Pousti and his staff was above what we would normally expect in the medical community. Let’s face it – the medical model isn’t usually focused on the patient- it’s about productivity. This was not so with Dr Pousti and his staff.  He does a lot of procedures- trust me you want your surgeon to be busy- but I never felt rushed or just another number.

With all the surgeons available I initially felt overwhelmed. I remember telling my husband that if I could find someone that would give me a natural look then I might consider breast augmentation. My husband took this task to heart and searched everywhere looking at credentials, experience and results. Dr Pousti was at the top of the list.

On the day of the consultation, I came armed with lots of questions and Dr Pousti sat quietly and answered them all. Lots of surgeries mean lots of experience and this was very important to me. I spent time discussing the surgical approach, incision line and potential complications. I was particularly impressed with the care he took to prevent complications. I was able to see other patients and ask questions freely. I also poured over photos with his staff. By the time I left his clean and elegantly decorated office, I knew I would be a patient of his.

The surgery itself went very well and the recovery was smooth. The care and attention to detail following the surgery was also amazing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the staff called regularly to check on me. Ultimately the decision to have surgery is a personal one. But if you choose Dr Pousti be assured that you’ll be getting a highly skilled plastic surgeon who takes the time and care to give you the best results. I’m extremely pleased with the procedure and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!


Temecula, CA

Mommy Makeover (Breast and Abdomen)

Monday, June 20th, 2011

This 33 year old mother of 2 from National City, California was very unhappy with her abdomen and breasts after pregnancy. While doing research online the patient came across the ‘mommy makeover‘ procedure. The patient knew this was the perfect procedure for her because she was interested in breast augmentation with a lift, abdominoplasty and liposuction.



The patient decided to proceed with Dr. Pousti for her breast and abdominal procedures after being referred by a close friend and was impressed with his work.


Prior to surgery measurements are made and markings of the exact incision lines are made. These incisions along with the entire procedure are reviewed with the patient in detail.


Liposuction Markings


During the breast examination it was determined that in order to give the patient her desired look, a mastopexy had to be performed followed by a breast augmentation. The ‘x’ marks the new location for the nipple/areola complex.


Before the final incisions are made a tailor-tacking technique is used to ensure symmetry and prevent multiple incisions. During the tailor tacking a sizer is set in place to determine the size of implant needed to meet the patient’s size goals.


A 492cc Silicone Gel Implant was used in the patients left breast and a 457cc Silicone Gel Implant was used in the patient’s right breast to ensure symmetry.

Immediately After Surgery


The patient is post op breast augmentation/mastopexy with Silicone Gel Implants, Abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flank and back area and is very happy with her new body.

Mommy Makeover Breast Lift

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

This 28 year old patient from Beumont, California had been interested in increasing the size of her breasts after childbirth and was interested in breast augmentation surgery. The patient had a significant amount of breast asymmetry present and her breasts were relatively low on her chest wall. To improve this and meet the patient’s goals, Dr. Pousti planned to do a breast lift on both breasts followed by a breast augmentation.



Measurements of the patient’s breasts are taken prior to surgery and markings of the mastopexy procedure are done. These markings indicate the exact incision lines and are used to create symmetry as well. A benneli lift was performed on both of the patients breasts followed by a breast augmentation.


In order to achieve symmetry and give the patient her desired look a 575cc Silicone Gel implant was used in the patient’s left breast and a 533cc Silicone Gel implant was used in the patients right breast. The patient is very happy with the results of her breast augmentation/mastopexy.

Patient Testimonial

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

I had breast augmentation in February of 2011 with Dr Pousti. I cannot tell you how great the entire process has been from the first consultation on. Dr Pousti was the first and only consult I had. I booked my surgery that day. He and his office staff are amazing. They are warm and welcoming and extremely thorough. I had all of my questions and concerns answered. Dr Pousti was very understanding of my wants and I felt that we worked very together, resulting in me getting the exact results I wanted. He is attentive and kind and has the best bed side manner of any doctor I have ever met. (And I have worked in the medical field for 15 years.) The Alvarado hospital staff were equally as great. Having breast augmentation has changed my life, because I now have more confidence than I have ever had. Thank you so much Dr Pousti! From both my fiance and myself!


Testimonial From Happy Patient

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Denise Hightower