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Mommy Makeover Testimonial

Monday, April 25th, 2011

After having 3 pregnancies and 2 sets of twins as a surrogate mother, I had really put my body through the ringer. My stomach was full of stretch marks, I had a hernia, and my abdominal wall had been stretched beyond the natural limits. I had lost all the weight I had gained from the pregnancies however my stomach always looked like I was pregnant. I tried every workout, and diet and nothing worked, so I finally admitted to myself that surgery was the only way. Being in the medical field myself (OB/GYN) I was confident that I knew what I was looking for in a surgeon. After my husband and I met with Dr. Pousti I knew he was perfect. The minute I walked into the office I was greeted by his amazing staff, and I was called back before I even finished my paperwork.  The entire time I was in his office for my consult I was either with his nurses or Dr. Pousti himself. He took the time to answer all my questions and I never felt rushed. During my physical consult I was very comfortable and he was very reassuring on the results that I wanted. I also loved the fact he didn’t try to sell me on other procedures that I didn’t ask for, or try to recommend other changes. I also got to meet with 3 other patients after their procedures and talk to them about their experiences which were all great.

I had the extended tummy tuck with lipo on my back to give me my curve back.  The day of my procedure Dr. Pousti showed up on time, which if anyone knows that’s rare of some doctors, and asked if I had any questions and kept me completely eased. The surgery went great without any complications, and after my nurse, that his office suggested, took me back to my hotel room and gave my mom clear instructions and graphs of how to take care of me from positions to my medications. I am now 8 weeks post-op from my surgery and have bought my first swim suit in years, and even enjoyed the shopping trip. I now love to get dressed in the morning, and have all my self confidence back.  Each day I wake up so happy that I made the decision to have the surgery and have Dr. Pousti as my doctor. I love him and everyone at his office they have taken such great care of me during the whole recovery process. They even called me regularly (including weekends) to check on me. I can honestly say the Dr. Pousti has changed my life.

Mommy Makeover- 2 Stage Breast Procedure

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

This 39 year old mom of 2 from Long Beach, California was unhappy with the size and shape of her breasts after giving birth and breast feeding her children. The patient was interested in a mommy makeover breast procedure to give her larger, fuller breasts and to give her a more perkier look.



Dr. Pousti recommended that the patient get a breast lift (mastopexy) and implants. The patient was interested in Extra Large breasts implants so it was decided that she would proceed with a two-stage procedure in order to get her desired look and avoid potential wound healing problems. The first stage of this procedure is the mastopexy and then once the patient is healed the second stage, being the augmentation, will be performed.


The markings of the breast lift surgery are done the day before in the office and the entire procedure is reviewed in detail with the patient. During the mastopexy the nipple-areola complex is relocated, the breast tissue is rearranged and the breast placement is improved by tightening the skin.

After Breast Lift


Once the patient is healed it is time for the second stage. The breast augmentation. Markings of the breast enhancement procedure are done prior to surgery as well. Leading up to the procedure the patient meets with Dr. Pousti several times to discuss the size and look they are going for. Many patients find pictures of breasts that they like and bring them in the day of surgery. These pictures in conjunction with sizers help determine the size of the implant needed to meet the patients goals.


When the sizers are in the patient is placed in an upright position several times to ensure symmetry is achieved.


In order to meet this patients size goals an 800cc Saline implant over filled to 1050cc in her left breast and an 800cc Saline implant overfilled to 1150cc was placed in her right breast.


The patient is extremely happy with the results of her breast lift/breast augmentation.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

This 38 year old patient from San Diego, California was unhappy with the size and shape of her breasts and was interested in breast surgery. Over the years the she had lost volume in her breasts and wanted more fullness.  Her breasts had become more “droopy”.


Upon examination it was determined that the patient was a good candidate for a mastopexy (breast lifting) surgery as well as breast augmentation with Silicone Gel Breast Implants.

DSC00581b03Measurements and markings of the breast are performed prior to surgery to ensure symmetry is achieved. These markings are used as guides to where incisions need to made and indicate the new location for the nipple/areola complex.


Once the mastopexy is performed a sizer is set in place to determine the size of the breast implant needed to give the patient her desired look.


When the breast sizers are in place the incisions are temporarily closed and the patient is placed in an upright position so that she can be examined.


To reach this patients size goals and specific look 533cc Silicone Gel Implants were placed in each breast.


Immediately After Surgery

This patient is post op breast lifting surgery and breast augmentation with Silicone Gel Implants and is very happy with her results.

Testimonial from Patient and her Spouse

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Dear Dr. Pousti,

Thank you so much for the amazing transformation you have done to my body.  The result is beyond words and truly speaks for itself. Absolutely beautiful…

I believe that only a highly skilled surgeon can perform such surgery without damaging any nerves of a patient. Such a lucky patient was me.  I have no numbness whatsoever, I can feel everything!

The whole experience was definitely a life changing event for me.  Being a Military spouse constantly on a go, a busy full time mom and with one of my child having Autism, my time is dedicated to my family.  I never had the time to do anything else and have never done anything for myself not even a spa!  With my loving husband’s full consent, I finally did something only for me.  A well deserved “Mommy Makeover”.  And what Dr. Pousti gave me was something no one could ever given me.  My confidence…  And for this priceless gift, I truly am forever greatful.

With little ones around, recovery was tough but with the ladies guidance and stand by assistance, day by day I healed.  These lovely ladies are absolutely wonderful.  Two and a half months later, I feel so much better and so alive.  I now walk with my head up high, live life to the fullest and look forward to a brighter future with my 3 beautiful boys.  That is of course including my husband =)

There are many board certified plastic surgeons out there but Dr. Pousti is one in a million and truly is the BEST!

A Very Happy Patient
from North County San Diego

From Patient’s Husband

Dr. Pousti did a wonderful job on my wife.  His work has made my wife even more beautiful.  The treatment from his staff in his office was professional at all times.  My wife and I always felt welcomed and it was a pleasure every time we went in for a check-up.  Dr. Pousti made himself available to our questions if we had any which means a lot to a patient.  His staff was able to handle questions and guide us during the recovery time.   Dr. Pousti’s staffs over at Alvarado Hospital before the surgery was superb and made me feel comfortable. We asked a lot of questions and they were answered with confidence.   As a result, I felt secure leaving my wife in their hands.   The procedure did not take long at all.   As a matter of fact, she had both breast augmentation and tummy tuck done in a concise amount of time.  I can say Dr. Pousti is a top notch surgeon followed by with excellent staff which is a flawless formula of excellence.  This experience was remarkable.


Testimonial for Mommy Makeover

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

July 24, 2010

I am a 31 year old mother of two. I had been depressed for years about my body image after children. My self-esteem was affecting my interaction with my kids and husband. I wanted my confidence back so I could be a better mother and wife. I started doing research online for the most qualified surgeon for the mommy makeover procedure. I kept going back to Dr. Pousti’s well informed web site with endless before and after photos. After learning of Dr. Pousti’s 20 year extensive medical and surgical training and being double board certified, chances were I had found my surgeon.

I then scheduled my first consultation. I discussed in detail my personal goals and Dr Pousti wanted me to achieve the best possible results. He had suggested I go on an eating plan called Medifast to help me loose some extra pounds before my surgery. I then knew Dr. Pousti cared for me and he did not want to rush into surgery until he and I knew I was going to achieve the result I had so long desired. I lost 30 pounds in 2 months and was now ready to proceed with my surgery. I had my surgery on July 8,2010 and my results are phenomenal and I’m only two weeks Post-Op! The care I received from the beginning to now, is more than I could of imagined. This has been the best decision I have made for myself and my family. Look no further than Dr. Pousti, he has went beyond my expectations! The staff in the office are angels as they made me feel part of the Pousti family. Dr. Pousti is an amazing Doctor or should I say artist that pays close attention to detail. Thank you for this mind, body and spirit transformation. I will forever be grateful.