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Mommy Makeover / Tummy Tuck with Umbilical Hernia Repair

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

This 36-year old Mommy was unhappy with her post-baby body. After pregnancy and breast-feeding the patient was interested in a tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgery. The patient found Dr. Pousti on the Internet while researching for a Mommy Makeover surgeon.

1.6 before front

1.6 before left side

After seeing many outstanding before and after pictures of mommy makeovers performed by Dr. Pousti, the patient knew she wanted Dr. Pousti to perform her surgery. The patient explained, she wanted her abdominal muscle repaired and to remove the excess skin and adipose tissue (fat tissue) around her abdominal area and also add fuller (bigger) but still natural looking breasts. During her examination, the patient also discussed with Dr. Pousti she need an umbilical hernia repair. Dr. Pousti explained to the patient that these procedures could be performed at one time. The risks and benefits were discussed in detail and the patient decided to proceed.

1.23 markings laying down

1.23 markings close up

The patient met with Dr. Pousti the night before surgery to have “markings” performed, Dr. Pousti uses markings as a guide for the patient as well as for during surgery.

1.23 markings front

1.23 before

Dr. Pousti takes his time marking and measuring the patient and also explaining the planned procedure to help the patient understand the surgery in detail.

O.R. 1.26 dr markings before surgery

In the Operating Room, Dr. Pousti reinforces measurements before and during surgery to achieve as much symmetry for the best results possible.

1.6 belly button before

O.R. 1.26 hernia repair closer

Umbilical hernia is typically developed in and around the umbilicus (belly button). Umbilical hernia is a congenital weakness (present since birth) in the naval (belly button) region where vessels of the fetal and infant umbilical cord channel through the muscle of the abdominal wall. After birth, even though the umbilical cord disappears, the weak point or gap in the muscle may continue. Hernias can occur in this area at any time from birth through late adulthood.

O.R. 1.26tummy tuck

After the hernia has been repaired, Dr. Pousti repairs the abdominal wall muscles, which had been stretched from pregnancy (abdominal wall laxity).

2.03 after surgery

Immediately after surgery.

Silicone gel breast implants were used in both breasts, due to slight asymmetry 492cc was used in the right breast and 457cc in the left breast for symmetry, breast implants were placed under the muscle (submuscular).

After tummy tuck surgery, the body produces fluid called Seroma, drains are placed to remove fluid build up and usually stays in for about 2 weeks. The patient will follow up with Dr. Pousti every week for the first 4 weeks for close observation.